Master Class: Economic Development

The Film Commissioner as Economic Developer takes a professional look at established economic development techniques, including ways to assess and develop key business relationships to create community value and maximize economic development tools and resources to achieve better results. The activities required to pass this course will demonstrate how to handle economic impact data, create effective reports and apply economic information for grant and proposal writing.

Master Class: Filmmaking

Understanding how films are envisioned, made, and distributed is an important aspect of being a successful film commissioner. This course examines topics such as finding and using material, working with writers, raising financing, getting a green light, shooting a movie, post production, distribution and marketing, and the future of the industry as it relates to technology — all from the perspective of the producer…

Master Class: Management

When most people think of management they think of dealing with the day-to-day issues of employees, managing workflow in an office and generally doing day to day office work. While a film commissioner does all of these things, they also have some unique factors that play into the management of their office and their program. This course discusses the structure of a film commission, the various stakeholders involved, the budget challenges, and the specific skills needed to succeed.

Value of an OCFA Member Film Commission

OCFA Member Film Commissions serve as a general resource and clearinghouse for information throughout the region and assist with the following services.

  • Tax Incentive Navigation
  • Liaison with government departments/agencies
  • Logistical information regarding crew, talent, facilities, stages, equipment, and support services
  • Setting standards of professionalism
  • Site location photography
  • Regional scouting services
  • Location library
  • Serving as a clearinghouse for production information

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