The Overseas Chinese Film Association (OCFA) is a non-profit Chinese film association registered by the Federal Government of USA. The Association was established in 2010.

With the strong support of the three-tier government of USA, the Consulate General of the people’s Republic of China in Los Angeles and the Beijing Film Academy, and the close attention of the global media, it has focused on Chinese filmmakers at home and abroad. We have successfully created a feast for the exhibition of Chinese films and the display of Chinese culture.

The Los Angeles International Chinese Film Festival adheres to the principle of public welfare, with the aim of developing Chinese culture and progress, strengthening cultural exchanges between China and USA, and rewarding outstanding and creative Chinese films, with the promotion of young filmmakers as the core.

We will build a platform for international film industry exchanges and cooperation between China and USA, and enhance cooperation in the Sino-USA film market through film exhibitions, awards, and Sino-USA film technology interaction.

The first Los Angeles International Chinese Film Festival will certainly promote the development of relations between Chinese and USA filmmakers, enhance understanding, deepen friendship, and promote cooperation, so that the development of Chinese-language films in China and USA and even in the international film industry will rise to a higher level.

Chapter I – General provisions

Article 1, the name of the Association is the USA International Chinese Film Association.

Article 2, the Association is a voluntary literary and artistic organization established by interested persons who love the film industry and private enterprises.

Article 3, the purpose of the Association is to develop Chinese culture and progress, strengthen cultural exchanges between China and USA, and reward outstanding and creative Chinese films.

Article 4, the Association is subject to the operational guidance and supervision of the Department of Culture of USA, the American Directors’ Association and the USA Film and Television Agency.

Article 5, the domestic office of the Association is located in Building C, 888 Huanxi second Road, Nanhui New Town, Pudong New area, Shanghai.

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Chapter II – Scope of Business

The business scope of the Association: overseas Chinese film exhibition, award, Sino-USA film technology interaction, the Association annually launched its own projects in the co-production, buy films for sale in the international film supermarket. To carry out international film art exchange activities and competitions.

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Chapter III – Membership

The members of the Association are divided into enterprise members and individual members. the members are mainly composed of film artists and well-known members of the community who love the cause of film art and excellent film art talents.

(1) members shall have the right to vote, the right to be elected and the right to vote.

(2) to participate in the activities of the Association

(3) pay their dues on time every year.

(4) voluntary admission and freedom to withdraw from the association.

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Chapter IV – Council

(1) President (Principal Director) Chen Yibei International Chinese Film Association, founder and Executive Chairman of Los Angeles International Chinese Film Festival; Executive Chairman: Chen Yibei, MBA, Film producer, Open University of Singapore, screenwriter, He is also the founder and Executive Chairman of the Los Angeles International Chinese Film Festival and Director of the Chinese Film Association of USA.

(2) Vice President (Director) Chairman of Gao Yunhu Global doctors Group, Chairman of Fangjia Group of USA

(3) member (or honorary member)

Xiaoxin Huang: New Energy, Tourism Real Estate, Film and Television Culture, Game and Entertainment Project Investor;

Ying Tang: producer, partner of Free Cool Whale, postdoctoral fellow of Beijing Film Academy;

Gang Leng: producer, Vice President of Wanhe Tianyi Film and TV Series Development

Grant Guo: Vice President Chinese Culture TV of USA ( UCCTV )

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Chapter V – Awards

Top Award: Best Film Golden drop Award

Best screenwriter, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best supporting Actor, Best supporting Actress, Best Photography, Best Music, judges Special Award

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