Master Class: Economic Development

The Film Commissioner as Economic Developer takes a professional look at established economic development techniques, including ways to assess and develop key business relationships to create community value and maximize economic development tools and resources to achieve better results.

The activities required to pass this course will demonstrate how to handle economic impact data, create effective reports and apply economic information for grant and proposal writing.

Master Class: Economic Development

Chapter One: The Film Industry as an Economic Engine

This chapter provides a deep dive look into the impact film commissions can have on local economies as well as review ways film commissions can measure economic impact.

Chapter Two: Workforce Development

This section fully explores the importance of work force development and how a film commission may become more involved in fortifying a strong work force in their area.

Chapter Three: Film Tourism

While Film Tourism is hardly new, it has reached new levels of interest with an estimated 100 million tourists seeking to visit film location sites per year. Consequently, film commissions worldwide are trying (and many are succeeding) to capitalize on this unique offshoot of the film business and its potential economic impact on their jurisdictions.

Chapter Four: Economic Development

Once upon a time, it was possible to market a film destination based on the beauty of your locations, the depth and quality of your film infrastructure and your charming, persuasive personality.

Today, there’s rarely a phone call you’ll receive that does not open with the words: “What incentives do you offer?” How you answer that question can determine how successful you are in attracting in production to your area.

Chapter Five: Economic Impact

In this chapter we’ll look at how a commission may demonstrate the value the film, entertainment and production industry brings to a community.

Master Class: Economic Development
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